Huff Powell & Bailey offers extensive experience in appellate practice. The lawyers of HPB have over 80 published appellate decisions. Our Appellate Practice team consists of seasoned litigators, some of whom were judicial law clerks as well as a former law clerk to Justice David E. Nahmias of the Supreme Court of Georgia. Our team has argued appeals at the state and federal level, including the Georgia Court of Appeals, the Supreme Court of Georgia, and the United States Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit. As a trial-based law firm, we collaborate with our clients on appellate issues and typically handle all appeals stemming from our cases whether interlocutory or final. We believe our clients should have the benefit of having their appellate team at counsel table.

Practice Attorneys

Michael G. Frankson

Practice Attorneys

Brian Mathis

Professional Licensing

Huff Powell & Bailey assists licensed professionals, including physicians, nurses and dentists, faced with many types of licensing board actions:
  • Applications
  • Investigations
  • Disciplinary Actions
  • Hearings
  • Appeals

HPB specializes in the defense of healthcare providers. The vast experience of HPB litigators promotes efficient resolution of licensing board matters. HPB has successfully negotiated numerous disciplinary actions involving the Georgia Composite Medical Board, Georgia Board of Nursing, and the Georgia Board of Dentistry. Our familiarity with these regulatory entities and the processes they employ usually allow our clients to avoid public litigation involving what are often sensitive, private issues. Our lawyers’ trial skills allow us to advocate vigorously for fair adjudication of licensing and disciplinary actions, however, when necessary.


Medicare/Medicaid Investigations

HPB successfully has represented healthcare clients involved in Medicare/Medicare investigations and audits, which are becoming increasingly common. These audits potentially can lead to huge civil penalties and even criminal prosecution, so the importance of responding to them with an experienced team from the outset cannot be overstated. HPB also has experience in conducting internal investigations for our healthcare clients.

The attorneys of Huff Powell & Bailey take pride in their ability to provide expert litigation services for all types of insurance defense cases. We have the experience and knowledge to take any type of insurance defense case and defend it from the filing of the complaint all the way through trial.
HPB is a leader in the insurance defense field throughout Georgia because of our unrivaled trial results. We also recognize that trial is not always the right outcome for our clients, and our attorneys have in depth expertise in mediation and arbitration proceedings. Whatever your insurance defense need is, HPB can help.

Long-term care facilities, skilled nursing facilities, and residential care facilities for the elderly are often targets of lawsuits. We at Huff Powell & Bailey are highly experienced with the federal and state regulations that frequently are misapplied in “nursing home” litigation. We understand the intricacies involved with long-term care and the need for prompt investigation and efficient resolution of lawsuits. HPB successfully has litigated, arbitrated, and resolved numerous cases involving long-term care or dependent care. Our dedicated long-term care team consists of highly trained litigators who are who are intimately familiar with each of our clients’ facilities and corporate structure. Having a dedicated long-term care team provides unparalleled service and unmatched efficiency to our clients.

Since 2003, Huff Powell & Bailey has tried more medical malpractice cases than any other firm in the State of Georgia. We have tried over 120 cases to verdict in the last 12 years and have handled thousands of others. Why is this level of experience important? No other law firm knows more about how juries perceive the value of a case than HPB. Our experience in the courtroom translates to great results in every case. HPB represents physicians of every medical specialty; other healthcare professionals including nurses, midlevels, and paramedics; rural and urban hospitals; and other prominent health organizations and institutions. We work with numerous primary and excess liability companies as well as self-insured entities of all types. We are proud to represent a diverse group of local and national clients including several of the largest hospitals, healthcare systems, and physician practices in Atlanta and throughout the state of Georgia.

Practice Attorneys

Brian Mathis
Property owners, even those not occupying the land, may face potential liability for those injured on their property. Huff Powell & Bailey has significant experience in defending property owners in cases where liability is challenging and the damages are high. We handle a wide variety of claims, including burns, slip and falls, improper property maintenance, violent crimes, negligent security, and other claims involving catastrophic injuries.
Our clients own or operate:
  • Restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Apartment complexes
  • Personal care homes
  • Nursing homes
  • Hospitals
Data suggest that premises liability accidents account for more than one million emergency room visits nationwide each year, so the evaluation of whet her a plaintiff’s alleged injuries are genuine is a significant focus of our assessment and investigation of every premises liability suit we handle. Our experience in evaluating and understanding complex medical care, gleaned from many years of defendant medical malpractice and product liability cases, allows us to better defend your business from false or exaggerated claims of injury.

Huff Powell & Bailey’s products liability litigation practice group tries complex cases throughout Georgia. We handle litigation on behalf of manufacturers and distributors at both the trial and appellate levels in state and federal courts. Our experience spans a broad range of products, including automobiles, tires, heavy trucks, industrial equipment, agricultural equipment, medical devices, refrigeration components, and helmets. We stay at the forefront of cutting-edge legal issues confronting our clients and are prepared to handle all complex litigation involving products. Our approach is to undertake each new matter with the focus of getting it ready for trial while offering the cost-effective strategies that our experienced group provides.

The firm’s Trucking and Transportation attorneys understand the intricacies of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and the U.S. Department of Transportation regulations, as well as state laws and regulations applicable to trucking and transportation companies and insurers. We have the necessary contacts to bring the appropriate experts for the defense of any claim, particularly those involving death or catastrophic injury, including experts qualified in accident reconstruction; human factors (conspicuity, fatigue); biomechanical engineering; seat belt; occupant kinematics; toxicology and pathology; and driver training, hiring, and retention. We are committed to an efficient and cost-effective approach in the preparation of each case for trial.
  • Trusted Advocates.

    Huff Powell & Bailey is a trial law firm founded in July 2003 that is committed exclusively to complex civil litigation and specializes in the defense and trial of high risk cases with significant exposure. The lawyers of HPB have particular expertise defending medical malpractice cases against healthcare professionals and organizations and in defending product liability cases against automobile, medical device, and other product manufacturers.


    Huff Powell & Bailey, LLC also believes passionately in the importance of community involvement. The firm’s attorneys donate their time, money, services and other resources to people in the Atlanta area who need a helping hand. Huff, Powell & Bailey, LLC proudly assists and supports the following local charitable organizations: